Episode 5: Mind vs Body

Tonight’s broadcast stars Scuttles, Skitters, Creepsy, and Cottentail of the Cockroach Quartet, The Grim Reaper, and Corporal Emma Terial.

The Grim Reaper stops by and we learn that while being an incorporeal spirit, he also has some sort of material body which has human needs. This incongruity really bothers Odious.

Last week when Odious was doing a performance at the Fluff and Fold Laundromat, there was another great performer on the bill and so he asked her to be on the show. Her name is “Corporal Emma Terial“ and her act is a performative, theoretical, and deterministic demonstration of military marching styles from around the world.

We will hear a romantic original song called You Will Always Be an Angel to Me by The Cockroach Quartet that will make you weep with emotion.

Our Hooch Booze ladies our having another existential crisis that is easily remedied. And we finish up with a class Vaudeville act — spoon bending by way of the mind — performed by Odious.