Cancer Edition with guests Brett Kavanaugh and Dudley Sanders

Odious Ari Cancer CellIn this episode, Odious and the Cockroaches Quartet try and fight of the annoying cancer cells that have invaded their studio. Odious explains  why the show was on hiatus for a while — he and the Cockroaches took their show on the road — all the way to the Moon! And because there’s so much commuter traffic on that route now, it took them a whole year to go out and back. But it was worth it to play  at one of those glitzy cockroach casinos there. Dudley Sanders brings his world famous magic all the way from the 2nd floor of the Econo Storage Building! And guess who’s in the studio audience? Why, it’s your new favorite Supreme Court Justice!

Episode 8: Thanksgiving, Hillary Clinton, and Presidential Candidate: Wheat Toast

In this episode Scuttles, Skitters, Creepsy, and Cottentail of the Cockroach Quartet worry that Odious is ill and they try to revive him with green jello — a trick that Creepsy learned while living at the Kaiser Hospital cafeteria.

Odious helps his listeners with their Thanksgiving holiday celebrations by having guest Celebrity Chef Tom Tofurkis on the show answering food preparation questions. Unfortunately, Odious send Tom into an existential crisis by pointing out the conflict of interest that Tom is perpetuating by being a turkey who cooks other turkeys.

Odious Ari as HillarySecretary of State Hillary Clinton addresses the nation on this special episode! She shows her commitment to the cause of glass ceiling shattering by defining what characteristics a winning female presidential candidate would need to posses. Granted it’s a list of impossibilities, but let’s not shy away from challenges!

Hillary wows us with a song for the ages. And can she scat!?! Yes, she can!

The Hootch Booze ladies endure the election with the help of Hootch.

And we meet the first entity to declare its run for 2020 and it’s a piece of wheat toast. Wheat Toast feels liberated by Donald Trump’s win and declares that anyone or anything are now free to take on any position they want. Odious is encouraged to become a surgeon with no medical background. Why not? No experience needed, after all.

Episode 5: Mind vs Body

Tonight’s broadcast stars Scuttles, Skitters, Creepsy, and Cottentail of the Cockroach Quartet, The Grim Reaper, and Corporal Emma Terial.

The Grim Reaper stops by and we learn that while being an incorporeal spirit, he also has some sort of material body which has human needs. This incongruity really bothers Odious.

Last week when Odious was doing a performance at the Fluff and Fold Laundromat, there was another great performer on the bill and so he asked her to be on the show. Her name is “Corporal Emma Terial“ and her act is a performative, theoretical, and deterministic demonstration of military marching styles from around the world.

We will hear a romantic original song called You Will Always Be an Angel to Me by The Cockroach Quartet that will make you weep with emotion.

Our Hooch Booze ladies our having another existential crisis that is easily remedied. And we finish up with a class Vaudeville act — spoon bending by way of the mind — performed by Odious.

Episode 3: Overpopulation

This is Episode 3 of Odious Ari’s old time radio show. Sit back and enjoy hot jazz, warm Vaudeville acts, and cold comedy.

This episode addresses the concerns of living in a world in which a runaway human population is destroying everything — through acrobatics and dance.

There is also an appearance by a very special surprise guest deity who has a proclamation you won’t want to miss!

Special guests include the Cockroach Quartet, The Grim Reaper, Roger the Squirrel, Hootch Booze, and Tapsy Patsy!

Try to pay attention and learn something here.