Episode 10 Pride Edition: Frederick the Critic, Sylvia the Juggling Spider Monkey and CPA, and A Minotaur

Morose Minotaur by Joey JenkinsThis is the Hour of Misery: Pride Edition. Odious and the Cockroach Quartet perform an original song called I May Not Have a Whole Lotta Pride, But Luckily I Got No Shame, after which they receive unsolicited feedback from a British critic named Frederick, voiced by the horribly talented Joey Jenkins.

Sylvia the Spider Monkey, a professional juggler and CPA takes time away from her busy schedule collecting dollars on the 3rd Street Promenade and preparing people’s taxes to thoroughly destroy the studio in a pique of anger.

The Hootch Booze ladies give in to spiritual bankruptcy caused by total investment in online reputation and social media status.

And Odious discovers that the phone still works when he gets a call from a Greek mythological creature (also voiced by alarmingly creative Joey Jenkins) who just moved to L.A. from Ancient Greece and is trying to adjust to the feelings of isolation and dubious self worth that such a move would cause.

Topics covered include pride vs shamelessness, unsolicited feedback, violence in juggling and tax preparation, filing for spiritual bankruptcy, devaluing opinions, and being caught between worlds.