Episode 9: The Grim Reaper, Our God Shirley, The Flying Rearendas, and Our Dear Listeners

In this episode, Odious has just returned from an endurance art tour of Koreatown and feels the need to spend quality time with his listeners. Listeners call in and Odious offers top shelf life coach advice. The Grim Reaper shows up with a new message from Shirley (There IS a God, and her name is Shirley.). The results are in, the metrics are assessed and human beings are in big effing trouble. The Grim Reaper sings a song on Shirley’s behalf about it.

We are truly blessed to have The Falling Rearendas (Formerly known as The Flying Rearendas) on our show. Sophia and Guiseppi Rearenda had sixteen children to be used as free acrobatic labor and it really has paid off. There are only six of the Rearendas left, but they keep trying and falling and will eventually go extinct one of these lucky days!