Episode 4: Aging, Pigeons, and The Amish Vaudeville Circuit

In this episode, Odious deals (poorly) with his growing collection of age-related ailments by sharing his Vaudeville history with his listeners (of which there are none). He takes a musical journey from his first act as a single cell, to his birth on the Vaudeville stage, to his collaborations with big Vaudeville starts like W.C. Fields, Harry Houdini, and Josephine Baker.

Later, he celebrates beautiful acts of human kindness with a song about all the wars his great country participated in during his long, miserable career.

Then we have a special animal act — an acrobatic pigeon troop, and finally we are joined by Miriam Yoder, the premier Amish Vaudevillian in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Prepare for the worst, and expect even worse.