Episode 2: Philosophy and Self-Help

In this episode Odious tries to recover from a terrible evening with Mimsy Gladrobber, a woman with an academically-gifted son who is trying to get Odious to marry her. He is then visited by a shyster of a businessman who speaks modern self-help jargonese to try to get Odious to buy his philosophical snake oil. Another existential crisis is sorted out via a Hootch Booze commercial. Disturbing music about the recently discovered vomit of a deceased cat is provided by a strange band called Posthumous Vomit. And finally, Claudia the Great (voted Most Accurate Fortune-Teller in the Tri-State Area 2006 by the Daily News) tells the fortune of an unfortunate listener. Music provided by the Cockroach Quartet.

Episode 1: Money

Live, From the stage of the famous Econo Storage Building, it’sĀ Odious Ari’s Hour of Misery and Light Entertainments sponsored by Hooch Booze: When you need to shut off the valve to that ol’ spigot of regret , Hooch Booze.

Tonight’s broadcast stars Scuttles, Skitters, Creepsy, and Cottentail of the Cockroach Quartet, The Grim Reaper, and Noodles, The Yodeling Toddler.

In this first episode we meet the house band, The Cockroach Quartet. We learn how this radio show came to be: the markets have collapsed for good, the climate is finally completely wrecked, and barbarism has taken over. Odious Ari, infamous and aged Vaudevillian, has holed himself up in a storage unit trying to survive the best way he knows how — by entertaining people (swindling them).

He cheats Death by offering up his 3rd ex-wife, does a juggling act from the old country, and is annoyed working with a laryngitic show toddler.